escription: Sphere Transgressions: understanding the Googlization of Health

The digitalization of health and medicine has engendered a proliferation of new collaborations between public health institutions and data corporations, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Critical perspectives on this "Googlization of health" tend to frame the risks involved in this phenomenon in one of two ways: either as predominantly privacy and data protection risks, or as predominantly commodification of data risks. In this talk Tamar discusses the limitations of each of these framings and advances a novel conceptual framework for studying the Googlization of health beyond (just) privacy and (just) market transgressions. The framework draws on Michael Walzer's theory of justice and Boltanski and Thévenot's orders of worth to advance what Tamar calls a "normative pragmatics of justice" that is better equipped to identify and address the challenges of the Googlization of health and possibly of the digitalization of society more generally.

The speakers:

Tamar Sharon is Chair of the Department of Ethics and Political Philosophy and co-director of iHub, Radboud's interfaculty center for research on digitalisation and society. She studied history and political theory at Paris Jussieu and Tel Aviv University, and holds a PhD (cum laude) in interdisciplinary studies from Bar Ilan University in Israel (2011). Her research lies at the intersection of philosophy of technology, science and technology studies (STS) and critical data studies.

Marjolein Lanzing is Assistant Professor Philosophy of Technology at the University of Amsterdam. She finished her PhD-research 'The Transparent Self': A Normative Investigation of Changing Selves and Relationships in the Age of the Quantified Self at the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology (University of Technology Eindhoven).

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