he aim of the conference is to present and discuss research on the interrelations of values and technology. Specifically, we aim to explore how novel technological developments lead to changes in moral values and, conversely, how changing moral values affect the developments of new technologies.


We envision the following more specific themes for the conference:

  1. (Historical) case studies of value change and technology
  2. The interrelation between value change and technological change
  3. Value change, technical progress and moral progress
  4. Origins of value change: individual and collective
  5. Implications of value change for value sensitive design
  6. Methods for studying and anticipating value change

Keynote Speakers

  • Helen Nissenbaum (Cornell Tech)
  • Webb Keane (University of Michigan)
  • Tsjalling Swierstra (Maastricht University)


May 15, 2021: Deadline for abstract submission

May 31: Decision about acceptance

June 7: Confirmation of participation for chosen presenters