ovel technologies enable us to manipulate and shape phenomena that have long been taken to be given and natural. At the same time, our control of nature is limited, as the covid-19 pandemic and climate change show. Moreover, technologies themselves are also increasingly exerting influence on us – artificial intelligence, robotics, health surveillance. The boundaries between technological artefacts and living entities are becoming less and less clear, and this is raising ethical and political debate at all societal levels, from local to global. We welcome contributions that will engage with the conceptual, ethical, and political issues associated with the way in which humanity can manipulate living systems and nature and how technologies are changing us as well. We especially encourage global and intercultural contributions to this conference.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers include:

  • Bernice Bovenkerk (Wageningen University)
  • Alberto Giubilini (Oxford University)

Deadline for submitting abstracts 15th May, decision about abstracts 15th June.